The Best of SymfonyCon 2015

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This post is deprecated since December 2018. Its knowledge is old and should not be used.

3 years later, Symfony 4.2 is just released.

Annual SymfonyCon held this year in Paris. Despite all the attacks, Paris lives on. Maybe more. An example of this can be 1000 visitors who arrived at the event. I represented Bohemia with Dennis, and also with Petr and Cuba from

The queue on the Symfony Elephpants. No more left in 2 hours.

And now to the point. There were over 20 lectures in the beautiful theater and affiliated cinema.

Today we will look at the 4 best.

1. 10 years of Symfony

The Symfony have been with us for 10 years. Although the project was founded by Fabien Potencier, it is worth more and more personalities that move it towards greater clarity and usability.

Fabien mentioned over 20 people he had met on his journey and showed who contributed to the Symphony. It sounded like a toy. Very inspiring for those who want to scale their open-source projects and indulge in their long life.

1 Thing Worth Remembering

Among others, he introduced a new release process, that will facilitate continuous upgrades.

Simply put:

The transition to the new major version will be under much greater control than ever before.

2. Symfony2 at BlaBlaCar

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This seemingly random-generated company deals with blah blah blah... ridesharing, that is, together.

This was a case study firm that started out as a small startup, growing fast and learning to scroll along the march. They tried lots of ways that did not work to find the right ones (for their context, of course).

It's about these "do's and don't's" that our lecturers shared:

1 Thing Worth Remembering

The more varied the development of other applications where it usually passes monolithic repository for separate microservices using the REST API?

Microservices not use their internal APIs that they came too difficult to maintain, but their own solutions.

They call him The Gateway (slajd) and its advantages are DDD, separation of business logic and data přístwupu and transparent organization. Interesting idea.

3. New Symfony Tips and Tricks

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And now something for everyone:

Javier Eguiluz, whom we all know as:

He shared with us about tips and tricks that gathered over the last year - not only for writing Week of Symfony.

For me it was the most interesting lecture from which I took a large number of tips in their own practice.

Tips are for beginners and advanced, such as

The lecture was full of useful tips that simply could not absorb all at once.

I was pleased that it was even a few tips from Martin Hasoň.

This inspired me a great overview and blink on the version from last year.

1 Thing Worth Remembering

If you assume an application without testing and want to add at least some control, will you throw "smoke testing" for all services:

public function testContainerServices()
    $client = static::createClient();

    foreach ($client->getContainer()->getServiceIds() as $serviceId) {
        $service = $client->getContainer()->get($serviceId);

4. Symfony: Your next Microframework

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Ryan Weaver is awesome. Surely you know him even you - from Symfony blog, which he gives a gripping read. And just as gripping and funny (maybe even funnier) is in person. His lecture that Symfony can now be used as microframework (thanks MicroKernelTrait) was absolutely great.

He showed us new ways and means...

On this issue will soon come out at the source article, where you show everything in detail.

1 Thing Worth Remembering

Previously, the choice was clear:

Thus, when used MicroKernel?

Other Talks Worth of Click

All available slides from the conference to find

What are my Takeaways?

In addition to the 5 Elephants, 1 T-shirts and contacts to the lead developers of open-sources projects, I met at the conference...

A lot of taste experiences bizarre French cuisine :).

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