Why I deleted my LinkedIn account

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I used LinkedIn since 2008 when it was sending spam to all my friends. After 8 years of tuning my profile to 95 % score, reading mostly copy-pasted messages, checking false notifications, flirting with HR girls and hoping for up votes for my recent skills, I've decided it is time to let it go. Why and what I'm gonna do now?

Disclaimer: even if I get few abroad offers, my experience is related to work environment in the Czech Republic.

I was reviewing my 2016 and how I started to disconnect from social networks (thanks Steve): I reduced 350 friends on Facebook to 20, unfollowed all but 2 groups and I dropped all people I follow on Twitter. My attention got better and I could focus on things that really matter to me &ndas; reading books, writing and real friends. That's when I started to focus on quality of my environment.

And the LinkedIn account was scratching my mind for a long time.

So I asked myself?

What is LinkedIn Good for?

Where LinkedIn Fails

It's kinda Broken and Stuck Service

I was getting fake notifications of new connections. I got over 20 pings for 6 moths old and answered message. Also, I didn't notice many changes between 2008 and 2016. It could be so much more. Btw, do you remember MySpace?

Irrelevant Messages - 95 % Job Offers are Spam

Only 2 jobs offers end up in real contract during the whole 8 years. Most of offers are general random messages from bots or people, who don't even read descriptions like part-time only or Symfony project only.

Target group Bias

I never look for PHP full-time job. I wanted part-times only. Not really favorite position on LinkedIn, is it? Last 2 years I only offered consultancy and lecturing. Well, is that a full-time position?

More info sources = more outdated info

I put my work information on places like my website, Facebook and LinkedIn. In the begging it's all up-to-date. But in time...

The more such places I have, the more outdated they will become. And I'm not alone. I often see friends who have 3 years empty space on LinkedIn and website, yet still looking for new job.

Skill Lagging

What can you tell about me from this picture?

Skill list

The oldest skills are upvoted the most. Also short and traditional, like Git. Even if I excel in coaching and open-source, it looks like I'm 3× better in Git. No, I'm not. So when I got new skill, it took LinkedIn 3 years to reflect that. In that time, I'm already somewhere else.

Dying in Comfort Zone

This is the most important takeaway.

LinkedIn was my comfort zone. It's like being a woman on Tinder. When I want sex, I have it. And I get many messages and attention from females with not much work. This backfires.

Having so much attention and job position anytime I want makes me lazy. I don't need to improve. With this state of mind I would not probably reach the dream job as if I would be proactive.

The Fake Allstar

Moreover, I've got quite a long profile:

As friend of mine Albert once said:

"Once you stop learning you start dying."

I want to improve inside limits I set. Now I naturally tend to build something real.

Is it Your Time to Let Go?

If you:

I would recommend keeping that profile.

But when you answered NO to all of these, here what you could do:

Be Proactive – Find Yourself better Job

But this is my story, my personal needs and my personal experience. It probably won't work for everybody. Your experience might be different.

So, what about you?

How do you work with LinkedIn? Is it worth your time?

Have you find this post useful? Do you want more?

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