Fast and Easy Way to Learn Complex Topics

This little trick helps me to learn complex topic both fast and easy. It works very well during my lectures and posts. In Informatics, people tend to make issues more complex than it is necessary. It slows down the learning steep with no added value.

I think it's about time to take it back to the simplest step and make learning faster (or machines will). Today I will show you how.

Philosophy Everywhere

Do you know Occam's razor, Pareto principle or Lowest common denominator?

This is the term from their neighborhood. Don't be scared it's of those philosophers. Those are actually mind hack useful in everyday life.

Coaching example: Create a School and Destroy it With Coaching

When I talked to my coach recently, I realized that my biggest dream is founding a school. I immediately started thinking about the building, how much money does it cost, who would be the teachers and who would be the students.

That's not so SMART, is it? I got overwhelmed and was unable to produce any real step I could do next day.

The coach got me from huge and long-life dream to reality of every day life by these questions:

Then it become much more real to me, as I live only 1 day at a time. I could imagine, next week I would write a testament on Google Docs, just to put it out. When you can imagine some concept with your fantasy, you're on the right path.

Same process can be applied to learning and teaching.

Learning Software example: Narrow Nette Extension Down to one Line

Btw, in software, this is also called Lean Software Development.

Recently, I applied this approach to article about How to Create Your First Nette Extension.

I Learned Extensions the Hard Way

  1. By Reading Nette documentation that describes over 20 features and uses cases it has. That is information, which is useful, because I can use the tool to it's potential, but not the best adopt the skill.

  2. By Reading extension of open-source packages. They are similar to documentation: many features on various use cases I didn't understand yet.

That lead to overstretching my brain muscle. It's like trying to jump over huge hole before even walking.

Before starting and article, I tried to find this easiest step.

Could it be simpler?

What is essential purpose of the extension? It registers services to Nette Dependency Injection Container.

And that was the topic I wrote about.

Pause Bad Feelings and Take Your Time to Think

So next time you'll think "gosh, this is so hard, I don't understand it, I'm so slow/lazy/...", stop for a moment and carefully look at the problem. There might be an easier way.

Do you learn from my contents or use open-souce packages like Rector every day?
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