Go PHP 7.1!

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PHP frameworks start to require PHP 7.1, leading with Nette 3 and Symfony 4.

Why skip PHP 7.0 and go directly to PHP 7.1? When is the best time to join? What projects are already "on the move"?

"Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world.
For, indeed, that's all who ever have."
Margaret Mead

Why Go Right to PHP 7.1

And I think you are already able to come with few more reasons of your own.

How to Move Hosts?

As in every new version of PHP, most of us still depends on waits for hosts to catch up. The situation was the same with PHP 5. New software version was already there, but hosts took their time. If there would be some way to move this.

And then, a GoPHP5 movement was born, to rapidly speed this up.

Quoting Larry:

"The solution a few people suggested was team work. If all PHP projects stopped supporting PHP 4 and made the jump to PHP 5 at the same time, none of them is penalized in the market for being "first" and web hosts will have a clear business case to upgrade their systems to PHP 5. We can then all start offering faster, cleaner, more powerful, more secure web software.

But how does one get all PHP projects together to agree on something like that? Actually, it's fairly simple. You ask them."

Well said.

Go PHP 7.1 as One

I was reading a post about Symfony 2 min version bump 5.3. It was a huge step in PHP development. Even if PHP 5.3 seem like an prehistoric version, many projects still uses that.

We are in same situation with PHP 7.1 now. If PHP community can cooperate as one, we are able to create brighter future for ourselves.

When and Who? goPHP71.org

To better coordinate min version bump, I've created gophp71.org in last 2 evenings.

There you can see who and when is bumping min version.

How Can You Help?

If you answered YES at least once, add your framework or package.

Website is hosted on Github Pages, so you just edit index.html and send PR.

Spread the Word

If you believe in this, share this page so we let hosts know, what we really need. It's our need to express and responsibility to take. We can do it! Thank you.

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