5 Useful Rules From Symplify Coding Standard

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This post is deprecated since September 2018. Its knowledge is old and should not be used.

Symplify 5.0 was released and with that, many checkers were replaced by better ones.

Checkers 2, 4 and 5 were replaced by SlamCsFixer\FinalInternalClassFixer - class is either final or abstract.

@inject refactoring was replaced by AnnotatedPropertyInjectToConstructorInjectionRector from Rector.

Symplify Coding Standard was born from Zenify, back from the days I was only Nette programmer. It focuses on maintainability and clean architecture. I try to make them simple: each of them does one job.

With over 108 000 downloads I think I should write about 5 of them you can use in your projects today.

Most of the content was outdated for technical changes or idea was proven to be not very helpful. To avoid confusion among readers, to content was removed.

If you want, you can still see it in the git history, as this blog is fully open-sourced.

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