IMbox Zero

You have probably heard about Inbox Zero. ZTD technique, to keep your email inbox clean and your brain well rested.

Let's take it a step further into 2017 - to instant messaging.

My huge inspiration Leo Babauta has popularized Inbox Zero concept of having 0 emails after every visit of your inbox.

All emails are resolved, postponed (will return in 5 days) or archived:

The less noise you let to your brain, the better and deeper your can focus on single task.

The state you try to avoid is called cognitive overflow:

This applies to email.

What is Zero IM-box then?

Ever since smartphones went viral, it is common to have 7 SMS on single display. 1 new, 6 already resolved. That would be ok, if you're used to full inbox, where your brain is programmed to filter the noise. But not if you're applying inbox zero method.

That is my case too and I was tired of having 2 contradictive approaches in my brain.

So I've tried to archive all messages.

And it works like a charm. My ability to response sms rise and blood pressure from switching visual modes decreases :)

Give Your Brain a Comfort Spa

Now it's much easier for me to:

And you don't have to stop at SMS. I talk about smartphones, remember?




Same rules applied, same profit got ;)

Gain for Brains

Once I've read The Universe in a Nutshell by this guy Stephen Hawking in my before-teenage days. I still remember single quote from it:

"Think in structures."

I didn't know what that means, but my dad talked nicely about Steve, so I though he might be a smart guy - so tried to. In our use case, instead of having 2 algorithms to resolve incoming message, we will have 1. Thus having more neurons to do job we need them to do thanks to neuroplasticity.

Like finding a good coffee anywhere you are :)

Happy thinking!

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