Let Changelog Linker Generate CHANGELOG.md for You

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This post is deprecated since March 2021. Its knowledge is old and should not be used.

ChangelogLinker is now deprecated, because it has same features as GitHub pull-request overview with no added value. See this issue in detail. Use lob/generate-changelog or github-changelog-generator instead or better switch to GitHub releases.

Do you have an open-source project on Github? Do you want your users to know about new features and changes without you writing posts about it? Do you keep a changelog? Do you struggle with keeping it up-to-date and descriptive and with all the links to all merged pull-requests?

Yes? Then you'll love Changelog Linker. A PHP CLI tool that does all this boring work for you.

Changelogs have many forms.

From standard keepachangelog.com with Added, Changed, Fixed and Removed:

Through Symfony dump:

Over PHPStan Release notes:

Why is Every Changelog Different?

There is a standard recommendation in keepachangelog.com, so it can all be the same, right? I think it's because there is no easy way to generate such changelog. And by easy I mean automated = 1 click solution. And we don't even talk about monorepo changelog yet.

When I looked on Github for inspiration, I found only github-changelog-generator - that has over 4600 stars on Github. Yet, it still doesn't work with Added, Changed etc. categories and requires labeling issues and pull-requests and adding milestones. I wanted to save time, not to add extra work.

Category + Monorepo Support?

All I wanted to do is run 1 command and update CHANGELOG.md with content like this:

## [v4.4.0] - 2018-06-03

### Added

#### BetterPhpDocParser

- [#811] Add multi-types method support
- [#810] Add `AbstractPhpDocInfoDecorator`
- [#809] Allow `PhpDocInfoFactory` extension without modification
- [#807], [#808] Add `replaceTagByAnother()`
- [#806] Add `getParamTypeNodeByName()`
- [#804] Add `hasTag()` to `PhpDocInfo` and other improvements
- [#801] Add `PhpDocModifier` class

#### CodingStandard

- [#851] Add _ support to PropertyNameMatchingTypeFixer
- [#845] Extended RemoveEmptyDocBlockFixer fix
- [#836] Improve cognitive complexity error, Thanks to [@enumag]
- [#823] Add Cognitive complexity sniff

I aim for 80/20 rule = let 80 % of manual work, manual linking, collecting of Added, grouping by CodingStandard package etc. handle program for us. Then we can polish the rest 20 %, like adding a description to the release or moving PR that the program failed to classify.

I imagined something like:

vendor/bin/changelog-linker dump-mergers

That would be much better than looking on Github, going through commits and putting it all together manually, right? Or bare git dump that no-one except you orients in.

Well, 2 months of work later and after detailed feedback from Matouš Czerner and Rosťa Vítek whom I'm very thankful, a Symplify\ChangelogLinker package was born.

5 Steps to Your Generated CHANGELOG

  1. Install it

    composer require --dev symplify/changelog-linker
  2. Add target to your CHANGELOG.md

    This is a changelog, you know?
    <!-- changelog-linker -->

    There will be dumped the list of changes.

  3. Run it dry

    vendor/bin/changelog-linker dump-merges --dry-run

    to see this preview:

    ## Unreleased
    - [#868] [ChangelogLinker] Add ChangeTree to manage merge messages
    - [#867] [ChangelogLinker] Change Worker registration from implicit to explicit
    - [#864] [MonorepoBuilder] improve coverage
  4. There are 2 more cool options: --in-packages and --in-categories. How to they work?


    vendor/bin/changelog-linker dump-merges --dry-run --in-categories

    ...will create:

    ## Unreleased
    ### Added
    - [#868] [ChangelogLinker] Add ChangeTree to manage merge messages
    ### Changed
    - [#867] [ChangelogLinker] Change Worker registration from implicit to explicit
    - [#864] [MonorepoBuilder] improve coverage

    And this...

    vendor/bin/changelog-linker dump-merges --dry-run --in-packages

    ...will create:

    ## Unreleased
    ### ChangelgoLinker
    - [#868] Add ChangeTree to manage merge messages
    - [#867] Change Worker registration from implicit to explicit
    ### MonorepoBuilder
    - [#864] improve coverage

    Pro tip: you can combine them and set the priority by order:

    vendor/bin/changelog-linker dump-merges --dry-run --in-categories --in-packages
    vendor/bin/changelog-linker dump-merges --dry-run --in-packages --in-categories
  5. When you're ready, run dump to CHANGELOG.md:

    vendor/bin/changelog-linker dump-merges --in-packages --in-categories

Do You Have Existing CHANGELOG.md?

The Changelog Linker doesn't work only for new changes, it can also link your existing file:

vendor/bin/changelog-linker linkify

ProTip: Use Composer Script and Forget

Composer scripts are handy, if you use CLI command with many options and you don't want to remember and type them over and over again.

This is how I simplify my setup for Symplify CHANGELOG.md:

    "scripts": {
        "changelog": "vendor/bin/changelog-linker dump-merges --in-categories --in-packages"

So all I need to do is run...

composer changelog

...and the CHANGELOG.md file is updated. Pretty cool, huh?

Find more about Composer scripts in Have you tried Composer Scripts? You may not need Phing post by amazing Martin Hujer.

That's it.

For more features like linked thanks, package aliases or linked words see README.

Enjoy your new free time!

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