9 Features of PHPStorm Symfony Plugin You Should Not Miss in Gifs

After very successful PHP 7.3 diffs post, let's dive to gifs of Symfony Plugin for PHPStorm. You might know them, but they might surprise you like they did surprise me. Let's go!

0. Be Grateful ❤️️

Click PayPal in README

1. Enable the Plugin

Easy, but must have step!

2. Faster Translation Autocreate (TWIG)

3. Autocomplete Translation Key (TWIG)

Write your |trans first.

4. Instant Service Autocomplete in YAML (YAML)

The trick is go after :.

5. Forget The Tag (YAML)

6. Jump from Href to Route (TWIG)

7. Instant Route in Controller (PHP)

8. Faster Queries in Doctrine Repository (PHP)

9. Template Autocomplete (PHP)

You know the basic template autocomplete from /templates. But how to do that for decoupled templates in /packages/Provision/templates?

That's it!

What number was new to you? And which feature I missed?

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