What is Your Third Door? - Book Review

Do you live in a big house? Then I guess you know this problem. There is the main door, there is the garden door and most people use these.

But what if the police come to bring you in for your financial frauds and child porn, what door do you take to run?

The Third Door book is actually a story of 18-year Alex, who chases a dream to interview people like:

I don't remember names usually, but I got all these from top of my head - that's how emotional and tense this book is.


He wants to find out, what all these people do differently. What skills got them to the place they are now. This book is about hackers' minds.

And it's not an easy journey, it takes more than 4 years of struggle, pain, childhood traumas, rejections, a friend who turns to great liar but also mentor from heaven, support from family, friends and bigger community of people alike.

"Reading about Tony Hsieh’s journey—about the leaps of faith he took despite everything that could go wrong—helped me find the courage within myself I didn’t know I had. Reading about his dream fueled me to pursue my own."

What would you do for 4 years in a row without getting above the profit line?

Emotions over Solutions

What I love about this book is that it's different from all the other self-help porn. It doesn't include:

These are all imperatives, we love to use them, but they barely work.

Do you know what spreads better than thoughts? Emotions! The Third Dood book tells the story with wisdom very neatly placed between the lines.

"A true hustler is always looking for the next one," he said.
"It's like playing a video game - let's say Mario Bros."

Single Honest Story

I don't want to spoil much, but I'll say one thing: The Third Door is the most engagement book I've read in 2018. It sucked me in and let me go in a few weeks. I felt smart, I felt connected to Alex, I cried when... well, you'll see.

"When I was young, I admired clever people. Now that I am old, I admire kind people."

Many pop-science-self-help authors like Daniel Pink, Simon Sinek or Cal Newport pop one book after another. Their books are mostly based on research and many small stories and have high quality. They're helpful, but in time it gets boring when you have to think and don't learn much (do you remember school?). In and out.

What I want to say is that I love that Alex only wrote only this single one book. It's his life story. Do you connect better to single life's person or to 15 research papers and 50 small stories? And rapport is crucial in learning.

Give it a 1-Chapter Try

It's so hard not to spoil anything when the story was so good. You know like in the Avengers: Infinity War, when (spoiler protection), and you wanted to tell everyone?

"When it's in front of you... make your move."

So I stop here. If you feel you don't have time to read this book, just reach me in person and I'll tell you more.

But if you want to become better and more confident hacker in both life and software, download first chapter for free and see if it fits you.

Happy hacking!

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