Kirill Smelov's PHPStorm Tips in 9 Gifs

Last week we hosted Kirill Smelov in Friends of PHP meetup in Prague. Usually, I know most of tricks people show in PHPStorm talks or they pick too complicated cases - like SSH to Docker via PHPStorm GUI.

Kirill's talk was completely different, I could not stop taking notes about simple yet less known features of PHPStorm.

Instead of watching the 45-min talk, enjoy 9 cherry picked tips in 4,5-min gifs. I've dropped a few of my own daily habits. Enjoy!

1. Ctor - when you add a property via constructor

2. Post-Fix

Do you type the same code around a variable zillion times?

3. Forget $this->

4. Jump to Next use of Method

5. Save Live Template

6. Jump to Another Method

7. Copy FQN class or File:line

8. Jump to previous File → Jump to previous File

9. Create a shortcut

How to Work With Shortcuts?

Get inspired by watching others, but in the end - always respect your brain. Every one of you has different preferences.

Let say you create a shortcut "new file":

Punish vs. Typo-Proof

Also, as I love to type fast like crazy, I often make a typo or don't remember the exact 2 letters. Why punish yourself for a typo or not remembering the right combination?

Add a fallback:

To give you an idea of my daily work, here is my current list of live templates:

Start with Single Step

I took notes about 15 items during Kirill's talk. They all were very interesting and I wanted to integrate at least 5 of them the very next day. I was excited about my skills going the speed of light. I put too much on myself, then I was afraid I will fail to integrate them all. So I ended-up using just one.

What could I do different? Pick just one tip. Master it and then move to another.

What is the 1 tip you'll use tomorrow?

Integrate it and if you want more, you can always come back to this post.

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