Thank You

This was an amazing year for me. I made so many things happen - I won't write about them since you can see them on the homepage and my Github.

I want to write about you, my dear reader and contributor. I would not make it this far without you in 2018.

Thank you for discussion under the post - it often leads me to think about the topic in-depth and from different perspectives. Thank you for keeping comments constructive and creative. Thank you for sharing gists to your approach to coding.

Thanks for your feedback that keeps me going. Thanks to you I could set myself for a goal to write 2 posts a week. I failed a lot in the start. I tried and I failed. But your feedback kept me on track. I saw you're into controversial topics no-one talks about and in short and useful examples of how to code and how not to code. And why! Without you, I would not write 96 posts this year. I've very grateful PHP community is such a big family all over the World and I'm happy you've made me feel welcomed.

You're Amazing

I'm really amazed by this because the job of a programmer is to find bugs and fix them. We find mistakes, we're biased that way and it reflects in our communication. Well, you - the community around me - prove this wrong almost every day. Programmers are such nice people, who can appreciate each other and respect each other's work, even if they don't agree with him or her.

That's very important in relationships to allow growth and staying connected.

I would like to share a few of your feedbacks that kept me going in hard times

    <img src="/assets/images/posts/2018/thank-you/2.png" class="img-thumbnail">

    <img src="/assets/images/posts/2018/thank-you/3.png">

    <img src="/assets/images/posts/2018/thank-you/4.png" class="img-thumbnail">

    <img src="/assets/images/posts/2018/thank-you/5.png">

    <img src="/assets/images/posts/2018/thank-you/12.png">

    <img src="/assets/images/posts/2018/thank-you/6.png">

    <img src="/assets/images/posts/2018/thank-you/10.png">

    <img src="/assets/images/posts/2018/thank-you/8.png" class="img-thumbnail">

    <img src="/assets/images/posts/2018/thank-you/7.png">

    <img src="/assets/images/posts/2018/thank-you/9.png" class="img-thumbnail">

    <img src="/assets/images/posts/2018/thank-you/11.png">

I don't share this with you to brag about myself. I write this to show, how easy is to be nice. All of these messages made me feel warm.

When was the last time you said something like that to your colleague? And when was the last time you said "there's a bug" or "it's wrong". Maybe similar words that made me happy, would make your colleague happy. Maybe it would reinforce the same behavior to people around him or her. Try it :)

Thank you again, you allow me to follow my passion - that's the best gift I could wish for!

Merry Christmas You All!

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