How to Create Your First PHP Twig Static Website under 2 Minutes with Statie

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This post is deprecated since March 2020. Its knowledge is old and should not be used.

Statie was deprecated with last version 7, because 99 % of features are covered in Symfony application.

To create static content, migrate to Symfony app and SymfonyStaticDumper.

Do you like to write or create micro-sites? This post is for you. Statie is now the most downloaded PHP Twig static site generators, even surpassing 7-years old Sculpin by 200 downloads a month. On the other hand, Sculpin is about to release version 3 creating healthy competition.

As you can see, Static websites are on the rise in PHP and they were never used more than now. It's time to make creating a new static website simple for everyone.

Until today, to create and understand static website basics, you had to learn:

Don't read it! It's an utter waste of time.

Documentation is Dead, Long Live Automatization

In recent years, there is a trend towards embodied knowledge:

In other words, the knowledge is shifting from human brain storage to tool's abilities.

Not the smart knowledge that helps us create algorithms, but the dummy knowledge like "what is the 3rd most largest river in the USA" that I can Google in 2-3 seconds (depending on internet connection in the train). We don't become retarded, we become more powerful to use our brains for what they're best at.

Your First Statie in 2 minutes

See pull-request #1285

composer require symplify/statie

Statie 5.3 brings 1 new command:

vendor/bin/statie init

See how it works:

Do you prefer Latte over Twig?

vendor/bin/statie init --templating latte

Explore the files to find hints on how to use templates, even if you never used Twig or Latte ever before ( ← embodied knowledge).

Great job! You're up and running locally.

Do you want to finish the Travis → Github Pages deployment? Just follow the official documentation.

Happy coding!

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