5 Tips to Effective Work with Github Repository

The best programmers aren't the smartest in the field. They're lazy, they know their tools well and they know good tools other programmers don't.

Do you know the following tips?

1. Single-Char Console Commands for Your Tired Fingers

Which one is correct?

vendor/bin/rector process
vendor/bin/rector procces
vendor/bin/rector proccess
vendor/bin/rector proces

You don't want to think about this and you don't have to! Just use the first letter:

vendor/bin/rector p

Works every-time there is no command named with that letter:

-vendor/bin/phpstan analyse
+vendor/bin/phpstan a
-vendor/bin/ecs check
+vendor/bin/ecs c


2. Be informed about New Packages - with no Spam!

When you "watch" a Github repository, you'll get a notification about every new release, issue, pull-request, or comments. This makes sense when you maintain a repository, but for most of the people, it's annoying spam.

GitHub recently introduced a very nice feature. It will add notification only for releases:


3. Fix Typos with UP

Have you ever sent a comment with a typo? I barely do without, and always notice that after I hit the "send" (or CTRL + Enter).

Now move your cursor to the 3 dots in the right corner of the comment, click, select Edit and click again.

No more!

Just hit ↑ (arrow up), and you're there!


4. Refine your Github

sindresorhus/refined-github is like a smart secretary that gives you tips you ever wanted to know.

It narrows 3 click operation to single click - creating a pull-request from a fresh branch:

It interlinks issues and PRs without opening them:

When I work on different pc, I feel stupid without this one. Issues sorted by activity beats default create time:

Check more of them in the README.

5. Extend Composer Scripts from CLI

Have you read the classic post Have you tried Composer Scripts? You may not need Phing? I love this approach for simple scripts like coding standard and static analysis:

    "scripts": {
        "check-cs": "vendor/bin/ecs check bin src tests",
        "fix-cs": "vendor/bin/ecs check bin src tests --fix",
        "phpstan": "vendor/bin/phpstan analyse bin src tests --error-format symplify"

What's the Script Name?

But what if you forget it's "check-cs"? And what if you open a new project - what's the name in there?


Great, now we know the name! But what if you want to add one extra option just for a single run?


Tell me in the comments, please.

Happy coding!

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