Rector European Tour in May & June 2019

I asked Łukasz Chruściel if we see each other on one of the conferences I'm coming with Rector and he's like: "I haven't noticed any announcements that you will talk somewhere. Did you set up any long distance trip?"

Ops, I forgot to tell you. Let's fix it because I'd love to meet you and hear about your pain points.

I'd love to thank all people that support Rector, use it in their daily work and continuous integration. It took a while to get the attention of everyday use. I visited only 1 conference with Rector in 2018, but now it seems the side is turning.

Rocketing Rector downloads on Packagist

I'm not sure who bribed all these folks, but this year I got accepted to 6 amazing conferences. I had to turn Neos Conference down with my deepest apologies, because I couldn't fit the flight to another conference in the same day.

I'll visit 5 different countries in 30 days. I never traveled so much and so far in a month. I look forward to all these new countries and even more I look forward to you PHP folks!

I already missed a flight this year, so let's hope it will not happen again.

Where Exactly?

There are exact days and places where I'll present my Rector talk:

I'll usually visit the city for 2 days around that date.

This is how I look nowadays

Let's Meet and Talk

I'll have limited time, but if you'll WhatsApp me (or call/mail me), I'd love to grab a beer and talk with you.

We can talk about Rector, legacy code, good coffee, communities, traveling, dnb, trains, psychology, mentoring, polyphasic sleep, intuitive education, artificial intelligence, children, 10x programming... whatever comes to our minds :)

Happy coding!

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