All You Always Wanted to Know About Monorepo But Were Afraid To Ask

Do you want to know what is monorepo and why/when you should use it? Do you look for brief source that will answer your questions in simple and understandable manner?
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What is Monorepo?

A repository that contains multiple packages or projects. Those projects can, but don't have to be related. Most famous monorepo pioneers are Google, Facebook and Twitter.

The most famous monorepos in PHP are Symfony, Laravel, Symplify, Sylius, Yii2 or Shopsys.

Monorepo vs. Multirepo

Single-repo or split-repo?

Monorepo is split into many single-repos, e.g. Symfony/Symfony is split into Symfony/Console, Symfony/Validator etc. Each single-repo repository is read-only. You can change its code via pull-request to the monorepo.


The other approach to manage multiple repositories. 1 package = 1 own repository. Each package has it's own development, tagging and even maintainers. E.g. Doctrine 2 or Nette 2.


Monolith ≠ monorepo. Monolith is huge amount of coupled code of 1 application that is hell to maintain.

Why is Monorepo so Awesome?

These are cherry-picked reasons from legendary Advantages of Monolithic Version Control. Read it to get deeper insight.

Tools that make using Monorepo Easy

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