Introducing PHAR for Easy Coding Standard

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This post is deprecated since April 2021. Its knowledge is old and should not be used.

ECS is now downgraded and prefixed by default to symplify/easy-coding-standards.
See Introducing ECS Prefixed and Downgraded to PHP 7.1.

Recently months there was huge jump in using ECS, almost 4 000 downloads daily now!

With this downloads growth, there is also growing demand for using it on older and older PHP projects. ECS brings huge value there, as it helps with migration of code and cleaning it up.

The problem is that ECS uses modern packages and it makes installation on old projects impossible.

Does it though in 2020?

This is how installation on old project makes us angry:

I don't like it when developers are frustrated by the limits of the system they use. My mission is quite the opposite - make a complex system simple and easy to use by anyone.

So I took a few-days effort and made a prefixed PHAR Easy Coding Standard version for legacy projects. You can see Pull Request on Github.

The first release of the prefixed version is v7.2.2, so you can enjoy all the cool features like only and paths parameters.

Add -prefixed and It Works

Really. So instead of normal package installation:

composer require symplify/easy-coding-standard --dev

Use the -prefixed version:

composer require symplify/easy-coding-standard-prefixed --dev

And you're ready to go!


What are Prefixed PHARs and How They Work?

I will not bother you with technical details, but if you're working on PHP CLI app and you want to make it accessible to the majority of PHP developers, you can learn more here:

Happy coding!

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