New in Symplify 9: Composer Json Manipulator - In Object API

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Have you ever needed to modify composer.json with PHP code? Then you're familiar with $json['require']['php'] ?? null structures. They're hell to work with as any other array - verify the value if it's null, how deeply nested it is, etc.

This is typical use case for a monorepo, where we need to merge many nested composer.json files into a root composer.json.

With an array, it's mission impossible. What about intuitive methods on simple value object? You'd expect such package to exist in PHP world - but there is none. So we made an object wrapper that handles all your worries:

/** @var \Symplify\ComposerJsonManipulator\ValueObject\ComposerJson $composerJson */
$composerJson = ...;

// get directories that should exists

// get minimum stability

// it's ready for print

// change value

We've been testing the symplify/composer-json-manipulator package for a couple of weeks months, just to be sure it works well in practise.

It has over 240 000 downloads now.

3 Steps to Create ComposerJson object

1. Install the Package

composer require symplify/composer-json-manipulator --dev

Register bundle:

// config/bundles.php


return [
    Symplify\ComposerJsonManipulator\ComposerJsonManipulatorBundle::class => [
        'all' => true,

2. Create ComposerJson with a Factory


namespace App;

use Symplify\ComposerJsonManipulator\ComposerJsonFactory;
use Symplify\ComposerJsonManipulator\ValueObject\ComposerJson;
use Symplify\SmartFileSystem\SmartFileInfo;

final class SomeClass
     * @var ComposerJsonFactory
    private $composerJsonFactory;

    public function __construct(ComposerJsonFactory $composerJsonFactory)
        $this->composerJsonFactory = $composerJsonFactory;

    public function createFromExisting(): ComposerJson
        $fileInfo = new SmartFileInfo(getcwd() . '/composer.json');
        $composerJson = $this->composerJsonFactory->createFromFileInfo($fileInfo);

        // analyse/modify $composerJson

        return $composerJson;

    public function createNew(): ComposerJson
        $composerJson = $this->composerJsonFactory->createEmpty();

        return $composerJson;

3. Print modified ComposerJson

namespace App;

use Symplify\ComposerJsonManipulator\Printer\ComposerJsonPrinter;

class SomeClass
     * @var ComposerJsonPrinter
    private $composerJsonPrinter;

    public function __construct(ComposerJsonPrinter $composerJsonPrinter)
        $this->composerJsonPrinter = $composerJsonPrinter;

    public function printAndReport(ComposerJson $composerJson)
        // the file is saved + printed content returned
        $printedContent = $this->composerJsonPrinter->print(
            getcwd() . '/composer.json'

        // show it to user $printedContent, so they know what was printed

That's it! The ComposerJson is not 1:1 to full composer schema. That would be a mess full of methods and constants that are rarely used in practice. Instead, it has only the method we used.

Do you miss some method? No problem, send a pull-request to add it. That way, we'll know someone will use it and we'll be happy to merge it.

Happy coding!

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