Rector Book 2024 Release with Brand new Chapter

I'm happy to introduce the latest update to our book - Rector, the Power of Automated Refactoring, along with Rector version 0.19.5 from this week.

This release includes 2 new commands, brand new configuration with smart IDE autocomplete, brand new chapter and DX improvements to help you master code refactoring with ease.

We've released the Rector - The Power of Automated Refactoring book with goal of continuous upgrades. It's been a year since last upgrade, so it's time to step up and deliver fresh 2024 book release.

Key Highlights of this update are:

New Chapter: Explore "Node Type and Refactor Examples"

Simplified Configuration

use Rector\Config\RectorConfig;

return RectorConfig::configure()
    ->withPaths([__DIR__ . '/app', __DIR__ . '/tests'])
    ->withImportNames(removeUnusedImports: true)
    ->withPreparedSets(codeQuality: true, codingStyle: true,  instanceOf: true)

Convenient Commands

Code Examples in Git Repository

Improved Visuals

This update empowers you to become a code refactoring expert with the latest 2024 Rector features.

It's available immediately for everyone who already owns the book.

If you haven't purchased the book yet, grab your copy now!

Happy coding!

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