I connect Code Quality and Business Delivery

The most companies of recent years suffer from ineffective communication between CEOs and programmers. That's why I focus on connecting CEOs and programmers, profit and feature delivery and joy of daily work at the same time.

I also believe any person in the world can learn anything. No matter how old you are or how experienced you are. There are many rare hacks that improve your skills by factor of 10.

I help my clients to do more with less and be change-proof.

19 Years in PHP Universe

I'm not an expert, but I'm trying to get better every day, ask for feedback and learn from each person I meet.

Do you want to Grow? Get Mentoring or Training

1:1 60 mins Mentorings

100 % deep attention just for you, your problems and questions.

I usually do:

  • code-reviews
  • whole code-base-review once a 2 months
  • answer your questions
  • organize a term on Hangouts that suits you
  • share links to relevant posts to your topic

You usually do:

  • take a note when stumble a problem during the week
  • call me when you really need help

The most favorite frequency is 1 hour/week.

In-House Training

Do you want me in your company for your whole team?

The most demanded trainings:

  • Symfony - from introduction, upgrades between version to decoupling and using less-known tips
  • Nette - the same
  • custom framework to open-source
  • monorepo architecture
  • package management