I Love to Invent Tools that
Automate Everyday Boring Work

People say they're surprised, how much software and projects I made. But they never heard of them or are hard to find.
So I made this place to find them all.


Rector is PHP CLI tool, that handles instant refactoring and instant upgrades. It can be used both to migrate huge legacy code-bases and also to keep eye on your daily work in CI code reviews.

Github Repository


A monorepo of PHP packages for symplifing everyday use of coding standards, Symfony, CLI, testing, PHP configs, CI checks, migration tools and much more. The most notable is Easy Coding Standard package.


4 314 184 145

Dependency Injection, Console and Kernel toolkit for Symplify packages.

2 848 116 260

Set of Symplify rules for PHP_CodeSniffer and PHP CS Fixer.

2 796 669 675

Use Coding Standard with 0-knowledge of PHP-CS-Fixer and PHP_CodeSniffer.

2 537 923 48

Sanitized FileInfo with safe getRealPath() and other handy methods

2 419 237 36

Resolve config and sets from configs and cli opptions for CLI applications

2 386 550 39

Autowire array parameters for your Symfony applications

1 631 962 21

Package to print diffs in console with colors

880 075 16

Internal Kernel for Symplify packages

786 698 19

Pre-escaped error messages in 'symplify' error format, container aware test case and other useful extensions for PHPStan

735 334 13

Testing made easy

644 027 10

Package to load, merge and save composer.json file(s)

383 455 191

Not only Composer tools to build a Monorepo.

350 175 83

Generates beautiful CHANGELOG.md with links to PRs, versions and users grouped in Added/Changed/Fixed/Removed categories.

161 646 4

Skip files by rule class, directory, file or fnmatch

158 326 6

Documentation generator for coding standard or static analysis rules

158 303 6

Package to print diffs for Markdown

155 834 14

Print Symfony services array with configuration to to plain PHP file format thanks to this simple php-parser wrapper

129 692 4

Service integration of phpstan/phpdoc-parser, with few extra goodies for practical simple use

128 338 3

Tools that easy work with Symfony PHP Configs
The Best Way to Test Sniffs and Fixers

111 372 4

Package to speed up building command line applications

69 454 24

Set of Symplify rules for PHPStan
Prefixed scoped version of "symplify/easy-coding-standard" package

53 869 3

Toolking for smart daily work with AST

39 692 35

Dump Symfony application to Static Website

16 289 22

Hydrate arrays to objects easily with PHP 7.4 and constructor injection
Latte to Twig converter converts Latte to Twig

5 380 1

Tools that you use in any CI

4 783 46

Convert Symfony YAML/XML format to PHP/YAML

4 253 11

Generate vendor patches for packages with single command
Prefixed scoped version of "symplify/monorepo-builder" package

1 467 39

Detect used and unused Symfony routes

709 4

Detect static calls in your project

662 2

Check your TWIG templates

517 1

Scope package in unique namespace to prevent composer install conflicts - with 1 click

344 401

Repository for Symplify packages development.

35 1

Relief for your long-term memory

18 1

Upgrade PHPUnit tests with smart helping hand
Converter PHP_CodeSniffer or PHP-CS-Fixer configs to ECS with single Command

9 1

Switch classmap to PSR-4
Use PHP config syntax to configure PHPStan in phpstan.php

0 2

Check NEON/YAML/TWIG/LATTE files for existing and missing classes
Converts Neon to Yaml

3rd Party Open-Source Maintenance

I took over few packages, that were dying, abandoned in sand of time in dark lonely walley. Now they thrive and live on with high quality CI setup and occasional care.


3 936 155 765

Doctrine Behavior Traits

924 928 478

A PHP wrapper around the Git command line utility.

PHP Framework Trends

Small website that shows real download stats of popular PHP frameworks - Symfony, Laravel, Zend, CakePHP, Nette and Yii.
Both in relative, absolute numbers and most interestingly - last year trend.

Awesome PHP Migrations

An awesome list with tools, posts and more awesome sources about effective PHP migrations of legacy projects.

Friends of PHP

Small website gets all PHP meetups from meetup.com API and shows them in one place, with smart filter and a map.
If you're looking for a meetup outside your local group, this is a place to check.

Clean Code PHP

I'm a maintainer for the Clean Code PHP repository on GitHub - with focus on code examples, merges and coding style.

Cleaning Lady List (comming Winter 2020)

Do you know that airplane pilots have detailed step-by-step manual for every situation that can happen in the air? Even cases like both engines lose thrust just after the departure from the airport.

Each code base have different problems and places to improve. But in general, most of these places repeat over and again. What repeats, is a pattern and can be put in a list. A list you can check yourself for your own project.