Practical Trainings

Would you like to learn about Rector, Symfony, Monorepo or PHPStan in fast and practical way? I organize trainings to pass distilled knowledge to you. From 16 years of experience in single day.

Trainings are practical - we code, everyone codes. Not just for ourselves but against CI. Don't worry, my job is to help you make the CI green and understand why it broke. In the end you'll have the confidence to code yourself.

Win the First Date with Rector (Online Training)

Do you want to run Rector on your project? Not just run, but get the most out of it and be able to write your own rules? First steps are the hardest, so I prepared a training to get you on-board fast. This trainings replaces 3 months of self-taught experience with Rector.

What Will you Learn?

  • what Rector is
  • what is abstract syntax tree and what are nodes
  • difference between traverser and visitors
  • how to setup Rector in your project
  • how to configure Rector
  • what are rules and set
  • how to write your custom rule
  • how to test Rector rule
Training in 04/2021 with Quentic

Training Parameters

  • online
  • 3 hours
  • you can record training to get back to it
  • up to 5-6 people
  • single price for the whole team 1500 €

Do you want to avoid trial-end errors and get the most out of Rector as soon as possible?

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What do People Say?

"Today we finally had our Rector workshop with Tomas Votruba and it really was fun! Learned a lot and wrote my first Rector rule. Can't wait to see this tool in action in our code base :) Thanks Tomas!"

"Tomas was able to prepare a lecture fulfilling our specific needs even beyond the area of his portfolio. Thoughts and techniques were clearly provided and easy to comprehend for the whole team."

"Tomas doesn't talk about theory you can read on the Internet. He passes his practical experiences. I recommend him to everyone who's looking for a specialist."