Your Most Favorite Posts in 2018

It's a holiday, we want to rest and enjoy time with our families. Hence I won't bother you with a complex topic, but finish this year with the simple post instead. A post about the most read post in 2018.

Was it Symfony? Doctrine? PHP or...

Without further ado, these are stats for unique readers from Google Analytics for 2018:

<strong><span class="bigger">3 posts = 31,4 % of readers</span></strong>

<img src="/assets/images/posts/2018/top-posts/top-stats.png" class="img-thumbnail">

Top 5

Did you miss some of them? These will give you useful knowledge through 2019:

You Read a Crazy Lot

I'm very happy that you don't just open, copy-paste and bounce away. You actually read - and not just a few paragraphs. Your reading times are almost equal to times to read the whole post. You read from the start to the end, which is amazing!

As I said, this would be quick and right to the point... unless you're reading one of those top 5 now and never got here :).

Thank you for your support, active feedback and comments. Now enjoy the end of 2018 and be sure to welcome 2019. I'm certain and wish you that is amazing for all of us!

I'll do my best to make this blog the best know-how source.

See you next year!

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