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This post was updated at May 2021 with fresh know-how.
What is new?

Moved from Patreon to GitHub Sponsors. Updated PHP/Symfony versions that Rector now can upgrade.

Rector's mission is to upgrade anything you want. It already can upgrade PHP 5.3 all the way to PHP 7.4 (we've added arrow functions yesterday to php-parser and today to Rector), Symfony from 2.8 to 4.3, remove code that does nothing, import namespaces in a smart way and 29 more levels.

I've started project 2 years ago as a small idea challenge and I'm creating Rector in my free time. I think every Rector rule ever created should be free for everyone and for a that I need your help.

Rector can squash time that requires migration of 100 000 lines of code from 2-3 months to 5 days. We already made that happen with Nette to Symfony migration.

I want to make Rector even better - make migration of legacy code more affordable to anyone, let you instantly upgrade from an old framework that is not supported over 5 years to the newest version or even switch from framework that is no more useful to you to a one you want to use for age.

In the end, Rector should be the next member of your team that you will throw all the boring work at.

To be able to do that, I have to focus my time to work on private commercial projects and fund the Rector development from them.

Legacy Code

When I look at Reddit, I see many questions regarding legacy PHP code with PHP 5.3, mysql, PHP templates, Zend 1, Symfony 1 (well anything 1), own proprietary framework, that no-one wants to work with and when they complain to the boss, they get rejected: "I can't afford it". It hurts me to see stories like this.

"Every line code becomes legacy in the second it's written."

But even if you run on PHP 7.3 and Symfony 4.2, Cake 3.7 or Laravel 5.8, in 2 years we'll call it "legacy code".

Rector can make remove "legacy code" from our dictionaries. For that, I need your help!

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