United PHP 7.1 Adoption 6 Months Later

A year since it's release and 6 months since GoPHP71 initiative. PHP 7.1 is the fastest adopted minor version of PHP already beating PHP 7.0.

How is adoption going in open-source and why it should continue from bleeding-edge projects?

"United we stand, divided we fall."
ancient Greek storyteller Aesop

How is GoPHP71.org Doing?

I've created a page gophp71.org half year ago, inspired by gophp7.org and by Go PHP 5 - read this one if you care about background values of this movement.

In release post I've explained why right to PHP 7.1 and not PHP 7.0, how important is united community in this and how this can bring positive energy to open-source and as well host providers upgrades.

From 2 projects in June 2015:

Now there are 11 projects, including big 3 - Symfony, Doctrine and Laravel.

Is your project missing? Go and it!

Prove beats Promise - Packagist Stats

To support "PHP 7.1 is the fastest adopted minor version of PHP" statement, Jordi recently released PHP Versions Stats - 2017.2 Edition with very nice result from packagist stats:

Great Job, PHP Community!

It makes me very happy, that people from PHP community are able to synchronize despite their different opinions on things.

Special Thanks to Doctrine Project

I really loved this Doctrine bump PHP 7.1 announcement. I completely agree with "Why dropping PHP support in a minor version is not a BC break" part. If you think PHP version bump is BC break, you should read it.

I admit I wasn't nice to Doctrine Project this Spring and I'm sincerely sorry about that. I'm trying to influence this better way.

Ever since I see Doctrine community are doing great - from removing YAML references, to cleaner Symfony support.

But I want to go PHP 7.0

Still not convinced about reasons?

@dmonllao poses an idea: I want to take is slowly and go only to PHP 7.0.

Let me explain how that could influence PHP ecosystem and slow down productivity of many projects:

All good for now, but then:

Result? Double Measures & Dichotomic Coding

And that's only 1 package with different PHP version. Imagine there would another package that requires PHP 7.2... or if you combine PHP 7.0 and PHP 7.1 interface in single class.

But I don't want to Drop Support for PHP 7.0

I've borrowed this amazing picture from Jordi.

You can keep support for older PHP version even if you bump minimal requirement to PHP 7.1, just won't add new features to them.

Spread the Word

At the moment only 4 projects on are tagged and it will take some timer before this becomes mainstream. Yet, we can see obvious trend moving to PHP 7.1 as minimal requirement. Thanks to community and people that are bold enough to ask the question or even sending a PR.

If you see some next project bumping to PHP 7.0, think about possible consequences of that decision.

Happy bumping!

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